Blog Entries

In chronological order

  • Pharaoh Head

    Hand drawn and inked.

  • Moments - X

    Tenth chapter in the series.

  • Glen huntly

    Our first house together.

  • The way

    perhaps the quickest way.

  • Try again playlist

    And the cover art.

  • Personal brand experiments - I

    Another round of visuals.

  • Sunny nights

    Tale of orange and black.

  • Ribbons

    Where the wind blows.

  • Keep Going

    Playlist cover art.

  • Moments - IX

    Ninth chapter in the series.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Trip of a lifetime.

  • Awe

    Hand drawn and painted.

  • Make

    New playlist cover.

  • Tehran

    Going home again.

  • Breathe

    Another playlist cover.

  • Improvised

    A serendipitous moment of self expression.

  • First roll of film

    Not bad for the first try.

  • En Route

    Start of a new year.

  • Last Collection

    Of the work from the archives 2012 catalogue.

  • Blues

    When looking up was a trend everywhere.

  • Open Cinema

    Watching the sunset on the beach and then a movie.

  • Gold Coast

    The trip to Queensland for Radiohead concert.

  • Dark Mood

    It was dark and cloudy days in Melbourne.

  • Winter Walks

    New collection from July 2012.

  • Moments - VIII

    Eight chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Art Center

    New collection from the archives.

  • Working from the inside out

    Rather than the other way around.

  • Be patient and keep going

    There is no other way in the journey of self discovery.

  • 545 Memories

    Good people and good times.

  • I Took These Photos

    And I like them. And I like to share them with you.

  • Kitchen Hand

    After graduating from my Master’s degree.

  • Faith Practice

    Learning to trust. And still being myself.

  • I Feel Calmer

    Calm down. Keep making, playing and exploring.

  • Perhaps A Curiosity

    Going through the process. Exploring, playing.

  • I Feel Overwhelmed

    I have been trying to do the other projects again.

  • Cross Process IX

    The last collection of cross processed photos.

  • Cross Process VIII

    Continuing to publish work from the archives.

  • 1485 by the sea

    A trip down the memory lane, back to twenty eleven.

  • Cross Process VI

    Random moments of beauty in everyday life.

  • Shake It Photo III

    Experience of taking Polaroid photos on iPhone.

  • Cross Process V

    Random moments of beauty in everyday life.

  • Moments - VII

    Seventh chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - VI

    Sixth chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - V

    Fifth chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - IV

    Forth chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - III

    Third chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - II

    Second chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Moments - I

    First chapter of the daily snaps video series.

  • Shake It Photo II

    Experience of taking Polaroid photos on iPhone.

  • Cross Process IV

    Random moments of beauty in everyday life.

  • State of Mind

    The importance of learning about the science of mind, emotions and expectations.

  • Cross Process

    Based on looks from real film stock.

  • Making a New Post

    The only way is Play, exploration, trial and feedback.

  • 545 Neerim

    Where a new chapter started.

  • Shake it photo

    Bringing the experience of taking Polaroid photos to iPhone.

  • Focused

    A meditation on wonder.

  • Doing things

    The long, hard, stupid way.

  • First camp

    At Wilsons Promontory National Park.

  • Keep going

    Have faith and trust it.

  • Instagram

    How I fell in love with Photography.

  • Self reflection

    The incessant noise of whinging in my head is annoying.

  • Hipstamatic

    My first experience with a vintage point and shoot.

  • Line practice

    Finding them everywhere.

  • Wind chimes

    A nod to his childlike playfulness.

  • Deep work

    It has been a while. Four months to be precise.

  • Starting Photography

    Taking photos, editing and publishing everyday.

  • Her

    All I remember is silence.

  • From Melbourne to Sydney

    First road trip up the coast.

  • Enchanted Garden

    A trip down memory lane.

  • By the coastline

    First trip along the great ocean drive.

  • I am talking about Pampam

    The cat that lived with us for awhile.

  • Arriving in Australia

    Leaving home and starting a new chapter of my life.

  • And then I left

    I had no idea about the journey ahead.

  • Saying Goodbye

    The last trip with my best friends before leaving home.

  • To go or not to go?

    The question on my mind during that last trip with family.

  • A Daily Practice

    The goal is to establish a daily routine which involves exploring, making and publishing.

  • What is this?

    All I know is that I have to do the work.

  • Why Publish Old Work?

    Three reasons why I am publishing my whole catalogue.

  • The First Selfie

    When I was young and stupid.

  • From 1997

    Why do I even bother bringing all these work out from the past? What am I trying to do here?

  • Psychology of a Creative Mind

    How unexpressed creativity creates disease in an individual.

  • Live Drawing

    Looking at all the raw imperfections and loving it anyway.

  • Studio of Kuros Nekouian

    Visiting him and talking about finding your passion.

  • Feck Perfuction

    Not giving up to the pressure and publishing anyway.

  • Doing the Work

    The case for admitting you don't know, trusting your heart and doing the work.

  • Another One from the Archive

    I made another poster using one of my old drawings.

  • Letting Go

    A meditation on being a witness to life unfolding with all its might.

  • New Beginnings

    How everything turned upside down last year and why I am moving forward with a fresh perspective.