Deep work

It has been a while. Four months to be precise.

I have been pretty quiet lately. I have stopped consuming media drastically. Not much reading, watching and looking unless it is related to what I have been working on. And it has been fantastic.

I have unplugged from the stupid speed and cycle of news and information. This is a private property. Only authorized personal allowed. Letting all sort of ideas, topics and people get into my head. Noise, noise and more noise. What a stupid thing to do to myself. Then I wonder why I am feeling sick.

Instead, being quiet and going with what rises inside. Not the rubbish, not the resistance, fears, doubts, worries, regrets and imagined conversations about imagined situations that either has passed or has never happened. But listening and following the good stuff. Curiosity, inspiration, imagination and light.

Ideas to make something, write, draw and build. In my own pace. Ignoring the pressure of social media to post, post and post some more. Post everyday. Post three times a day. If you don’t post you are fucked. If you don’t post you are left behind. If you don’t post nobody would know you exist. If you don’t post everyday you are going to die. Fuck that. I will post whenever I like. I will post as many times as like. Or maybe I would never post again. Either way, I am good. I am still practicing creativity. I am still growing, learning and living. I don’t need social approval to know that my creative expression is valid. Social approval doesn’t validate my art.

The desire for self expression, the freedom to create and express oneself is inherently apart of the God given nature of a human.

Salar Dareh Hotel, Mazandaran, Iran - 2009

I have been working on the website a lot in the last few months. I have been designing a lot of variations, playing and building slow and steady. Without sharing or talking about it. I have been doing some deep work. It has been delightful.

So yeah, feel free to checkout my website for some more updates. The whole thing is a work in progress and it is going to take a long time for me to consider it mature. But if you like watching a plant grow, If you find the evolution of an idea and design over time, you can visit different parts of the website. I am moving things around all the time. I am adding content, designing and building it publicly.