A Daily Practice

The goal is to establish a daily routine which involves exploring, making and publishing.

In order to get better at a craft you need repetition, so I am establishing a practice to improve my communication skills to share an idea, story or feeling.

The best structure that I have found to get started is to edit and publish my entire catalogue of work that I have created in my life. To be honest, it is not that much because for the big part of my life I have not made anything.

I have no idea what I am doing or where this is going to take me but I love the routine of making and sharing everyday. I am obsessed with visual art and design and would love to become good at the craft of communication through visuals.

The challenge is showing up everyday, making something no matter how I feel about it and sharing. Letting go of the illusion of perfect in regards to an idea, execution or the point of a piece. The main goal is show up, make and share.