From 1997

Why do I even bother bringing all these work out from the past? What am I trying to do here?

There is an opportunity for learning a craft and warming up the creativity muscle. Getting better at ideation and execution without judgment. Working on the mindset of showing up everyday and doing the work. After many years of thinking, talking and looking at a lot of work by other creatives, I am out of touch with the process of how things are done.

I am very judgmental of my work, seeking perfection. My perception of how long it takes to explore and experiment to make something is skewed. I lack the patience to keep working on something without getting frustrated. And I need to get better at knowing that this may take a while so I should enjoy the process.

The original artwork in this poster is from about 1997, when I was at the end of primary school. For a period of three years, from year six to nine, I had a brilliant art teacher. He was an industrial designer himself but was doing teaching on the side. He was the one that introduced me to Architecture and Industrial Design. For me that was probably one of the earliest sparks of inspiration to pursue design as a profession.

I have a bunch of work from those years that I would be publishing in the next few weeks. There is a lot for me to learn in this simple practice. Maybe I keep repeating myself over and over, but to be honest I need it. The inner critic would not let go. Perhaps this is what Steven Pressfield talks about in his book, The War of Art. Maybe this is what he calls resistance. It doesn’t matter though, because I am ready to do the work.