A meditation on wonder.

Focused inward. Focused on gratitude. Focused on letting go. The noise is deafening. The hype is relentless. The back and forth is none stop. The speed is insane. But “you don’t have to engage”, I tell myself. Let it go. Focus inward. Be grateful. Don’t judge. Don’t expect. You don’t understand, let go. Be grateful.

It is okey to unplug. It is okey to say no. It is okey to turn it off. It is okey to go with your own pace. It is okey to do your own thing. It is okey to be you. To do you. It is okey to not understand it. It is okey to not know. It is okey to not be able. It is okey to accept and let it go. It is okey to just be.

Focus on inspiration, action, self expression, creativity, craft, opportunity, possibility, patience, passion, compassion, love, understanding, rest, sleep, sunrise and sunset. Focused on the breath. Focus on the heartbeat.

When one practices faith, trust, acceptance, patience and gratitude life is peachy. You become aware of mundane and small moments of life. The awe rises in the wonder of the vastness of it all. In the fact that how being here is so crazy and unfathomable. That all of it, from macro to micro and everything in between is unbelievable. And I don’t know anything about it or understand it at all and that makes it even more mysterious. Perhaps one day we would know. But for now I am just focused on wonder. Life is easier that way.

Sure thing, it seems chaos is everywhere, but you know for sure that light is everywhere, otherwise we would not see nothing. So maybe, maybe, focus on the light if you are lost and tired, if you are unsure. Because you have the option. The light is always here. Always.