Making a New Post

The only way is Play, exploration, trial and feedback.

It is late at night, 23:16 to be precise. I have been working on making a new post today. Nothing hard, just a collection of three images which I wanted to match with some text. You know, because it is a blog post it can not be just some images. But I couldn’t come up with anything. So I decided to just write about not being able to write about anything.

This is good. This is part of the practice. You see, this is how I have setup things for myself. To help me make and share everyday and get better at the art of making visuals. Over the years I have made bunch of work. Some finished, some raw materials. Sometimes consistently, like when I started practicing photography and some scattered all over the place, like all the raw footage that I record in order to edit together some audio visuals. But I never finished anything properly. They have been siting in my psyche for years. I want to share them and let them go. I want to clean the house.

After years of confusion and not knowing where to start. Or not knowing what to focus on or what my niche is or all that crap, I realised I just need to start making in order to find answers and get better at the craft. So I decided to finish all those pieces and make something out if it and publish. All the best ones, the ones that I still enjoy. The ones that are meaningful to me. That way the focus is on making and sharing. Not too much thinking and judging. And within this structure I can be creative and go nuts.

I know, I know, you are not suppose to be doing all sort of things and you should be focusing on one thing, fuck that. That attitude has not worked me at all. That kind of thinking has only pushed me toward overthinking and eventually inaction. I am not doing that. In a way you can say I am in an exploration phase. I am playing in the intersection of Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and film and sharing everything that I am learning along the way. Writing is another one of those disciplines that I am practicing, hence insisting on writing something today.

Hopefully I will find some answers and find my niche, Maybe not, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter though, because I am moving and really enjoying the process. And I know I will get better over time as well. And maybe by sharing what I am going through you realise as well that you can not figure it out in your head. Only through making.

Go head, get going. Start making and sharing. Doesn’t matter what or how. All matters is action, the movement. Trust me. There is no sauce. I have spend years trying to figure it out intellectually. Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching lectures and talking about doing this and that. A lot of talking. It doesn’t get anywhere. It didn’t get me anywhere. Only through play, exploration, trial and feedback you would be able to find answers.