Perhaps A Curiosity

Going through the process. Exploring, playing.

I wrote these this morning. Sitting on the toilet. listening to a conversation on Clubhouse:

“Why am I so concerned about finding a niche? While the natural procedure of where I am doing at the moment is being all over the place. I am making things, sharing it, trying to provide value and figuring this whole thing out.

There is a certain feeling, energy, calling or something that I can’t not put in words. Perhaps a curiosity. Allowing it being expressed. Going through the process. Exploring, playing.

Perhaps I am so concerned about doing the right thing so I can be successful.

I feel the thing that works for me is full freedom of expression. Following the curiosity and sharing what I am learning.

But I understand at the same time that people can’t read that. Having a clearly defined niche. You keep hearing that. If you want to do business or even finding a job, you need clear objection.

. . .

I feel the underlying anxiety is about success. Or making money doing creative work. Being rewarded for creative expression. The other feeling is that I should not be concerned about it. I should follow curiosity and joy. I should be patient with the process. Just keep making and sharing and trust the process. Have faith that God guides you.