Latest Stories

Psychology of a Creative Mind

How unexpressed creativity creates disease in an individual.

Live Drawing

Looking at all the raw imperfections and loving it anyway.

Studio of Kuros Nekouian

Visiting him and talking about finding your passion.

Feck Perfuction

Not giving up to the pressure and publishing anyway.

Doing the Work

The case for admitting you don't know, trusting your heart and doing the work.

Another One from the Archive

I made another poster using one of my old drawings.

Letting Go

A meditation on being a witness to life unfolding with all its might.

New Beginnings

How everything turned upside down last year and why I am moving forward with a fresh perspective.

Most Popular
  • Tehran

    Going home again.

  • First roll of film

    Not bad for the first try.

  • Gold Coast

    The trip to Queensland for Radiohead concert.

  • A Daily Practice

    The goal is to establish a daily routine which involves exploring, making and publishing.