• Keep going

    Have faith and trust it.

  • Self reflection

    The incessant noise of whinging in my head is annoying.

  • Wind chimes

    A nod to his childlike playfulness.

  • Deep work

    It has been a while. Four months to be precise.

  • I am talking about Pampam

    The cat that lived with us for awhile.

  • Arriving in Australia

    Leaving home and starting a new chapter of my life.

  • And then I left

    I had no idea about the journey ahead.

  • Saying Goodbye

    The last trip with my best friends before leaving home.

  • To go or not to go?

    The question on my mind during that last trip with family.

  • What is this?

    All I know is that I have to do the work.

  • Studio of Kuros Nekouian

    Visiting him and talking about finding your passion.

  • Letting Go

    A meditation on being a witness to life unfolding with all its might.

  • New Beginnings

    How everything turned upside down last year and why I am moving forward with a fresh perspective.

  • First Shot

    If not the first one, definitely one of the first shots out of my first ever camera.