Experiments & contemplations

Self reflection

The incessant noise of whinging in my head is annoying.


My first experience with a vintage point and shoot.

Line practice

Finding them everywhere.

Wind chimes

A nod to his childlike playfulness.

Deep work

It has been a while. Four months to be precise.

Starting Photography

Taking photos, editing and publishing everyday.


All I remember is silence.

From Melbourne to Sydney

First road trip up the coast.

Enchanted Garden

A trip down memory lane.

By the coastline

First trip along the great ocean drive.

Most Popular
  • Tehran

    Going home again.

  • First roll of film

    Not bad for the first try.

  • Gold Coast

    The trip to Queensland for Radiohead concert.

  • A Daily Practice

    The goal is to establish a daily routine which involves exploring, making and publishing.