I Feel Calmer

Calm down. Keep making, playing and exploring.

I feel calmer. I feel God has given me the answer. He says, calm down. Keep making. Keep playing. Keep exploring. Keep sharing. It is all good. You are alright. You have permission. Don’t be concern about being accepted, liked and rewarded. All you can do is trust your intuition. Give power and confidence to your mind. Have confidence in your way of doing things. Be yourself. Have the humility to know that you might be wrong. You would be. But that’s alright. You way of seeing and thinking is still valid.

If you keep looking for external validation and then change what your are doing based on that, you would loos yourself. Stand up on your feet, give yourself the space to move, and keep going.

More your lean to being yourself, more you would find your thing. That by itself would attract your own kind of people. That would be your niche.”

I like all of that. Especially the last paragraph. I am too concerned about the result. I am too concerned about doing the right thing. Rather than keep leaning into his Guidance and doing my thing. I mean at this age, I have learned the we should be aligned internally. With the core of our being. Rather than externally looking for social status.