This is Aktive Grotesk

This is Calluna

Type Scale

I follow a 4px baseline grid for achieving a vertical rhythm on all block-level elements.

  • Heading One

    36px / 40px

    Aktive Grotesk - Regular

  • Heading Two

    30px / 34px

    Aktive Grotesk - Regular

  • Heading Three

    24px / 28px

    Aktive Grotesk - Regular

  • Heading Four

    20px / 28px

    Aktive Grotesk - Regular

  • Body

    20px / 28px

    Calluna - Regular

  • Body Bold

    20px / 28px

    Calluna - Bold

  • Button

    20px / 28px

    Calluna - Bold

  • Meta

    16px / 24px

    Aktive Grotesk - Regular


The default body text is 20px. For optimum reading length, the paragraph width is capped at 700px.


Main section title

Hello, my name is Mostafa Nasergivechi and this is where I collect all the examples and experiments related to this website's styles.

It has been a winding road and now at thirty six, I have arrived at a very interesting point in my life. I got a serious reset at the beginning of last year, something like a little death. It was scary but has turned out to be one of the best lessons that I have ever received.

Sub-section heading

Growing up I was very good at the arts, languages and sports, but when I turned fifteen, when I was supposed to choose my major in high school and set out to have a career and all that bullshit, I started pretending to be someone else.

The third level heading that can be called h3

I put most of my natural interests aside and started following orders in order to be a good boy. I went through high school not achieving much, got kicked out of a couple of schools and failed the entrance exam for university. After school, I ended up doing a programming course because IT was the buzzword at the time, I studied English for a couple of years and worked as a network admin. Luckily, I was able to turn that programming certificate to a Bachelor of Applied Computing. Then at twenty five, I decided to leave home and go study visual arts, and get back to pursuing my original passion.