• Working from the inside out

    Rather than the other way around.

  • Making a New Post

    The only way is Play, exploration, trial and feedback.

  • 545 Neerim

    Where a new chapter started.

  • Keep going

    Have faith and trust it.

  • Instagram

    How I fell in love with Photography.

  • Self reflection

    The incessant noise of whinging in my head is annoying.

  • What is this?

    All I know is that I have to do the work.

  • Why Publish Old Work?

    Three reasons why I am publishing my whole catalogue.

  • Psychology of a Creative Mind

    How unexpressed creativity creates disease in an individual.

  • Live Drawing

    Looking at all the raw imperfections and loving it anyway.

  • Studio of Kuros Nekouian

    Visiting him and talking about finding your passion.

  • Feck Perfuction

    Not giving up to the pressure and publishing anyway.

  • Doing the Work

    The case for admitting you don't know, trusting your heart and doing the work.

  • Letting Go

    A meditation on being a witness to life unfolding with all its might.